In Canada we clearly have an interest for K-Pop in general, searching for related terms such as “kpop star”, “kpop dance” and “kpop music” on YouTube.

Canadians Simon and Martina have become the world's leading English-language experts on Korean Pop on YouTube. Simon and Martina are young English teachers in Korea, originally from Canada, who started a web-show on YouTube called Eat Your Kimchi. The show does very creative reviews of the latest Korean culture and has a big worldwide audience — +90 million video views and 318K+ subscribers. They are an example of a growing number of Canadian content creators that are building a brand and turning their passion into a career through YouTube, and becoming increasingly famous in Korea and around the world. ... and they have a Psy “Gentleman” (parody) - check it out!

Posted by Wendy Bairos, Google Canada